My name is Adriana, and I make Grandma's wraps.

Like many of you, I am concerned about the negative effects that human activities have on the environment. Little by little, my family and I have tried ways to reduce our footprint. Even though we are proud of the changes we have made in our lifestyles, we are still learning how to live more sustainably. 

In this search for a smaller footprint, living in Malmö has been inspiring! I learn everyday from the people of Malmö. You are conscious consumers. You recycle. You carry your own water bottles and coffee mugs. You buy local products. You cycle everywhere. You avoid packaged items and enjoy second-hand shops. You demand change. It's encouraging!

This is my contribution to our collective effort: natural food wraps handmade with love in Malmö. Grandma's beeswraps are  a natural alternative for single-use plastic, made with organic cotton and beeswax from local beekeepers from Skåne. A small but thoughtful contribution towards sustainable living.